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systems setup checklist

Systems Setup Checklist

My name is Miranda and I’m the owner of Two Fish Company. I’m all about removing the tedious tasks that take you away from the actual service you offer and automating as much as you can so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.
I’m a designer and systems strageist and I know what it is to work on lead generation, content management, send out contracts, invoices, questionnaires, all the back and forth emails that go with it, and that’s not even including the actual design work, revisions and final delivery. Meanwhile don’t even get my started on trying to organize it all.
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Let’s inject some systems & free you up from endless task lists so you can take a dang vacation.

Systems has brought clarity and structure to my own business and the efficiency with how tasks get done has been a gamechanger.

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Instead of doing #allthethings get back to focusing on your expertise

Take the manual and repetitive out of your biz with Bookings on Autopilot Training

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This Step-by-step Method will get you a  Tailored Onboarding Process aka the Booking Leads part of your process. I will show you how to systemize and automate your back end without sacrificing the delivery of amazing client experiences. It’s no fluff and high action.