The no BS Honest Dubsado vs. Honeybook Review

Mar 4, 2022

Here’s a no B.S. Dubsado vs. Honeybook Review, what’s different between them and how they can help your business run. Dubsado and Honeybook are both powerhouse tools to help you stay efficient and able to relax knowing your admin tasks can get done with a couple clicks. They have their limitations but for anyone just starting out in business; you might even be able to get by just using this tool. There are a lot of CRM’s out there. I’ve tried about 10. You can view the chart below for quick ideas for differences between Honeybook and Dubsado. I’ll quickly explain why I finally settled with Dubsado after lots of experimentation.

PricingBasic : $20/mo
Premier: $40/mo.
Yearly: $200 or $400
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Starter: $9/mo
Unlimited: $39/mo
Yearly: $390
Free Trial3 Clients Free and No Time Limit ✔️7 days ✔️
AppNot yet (in prototype mode) ✖️Yes ✔️
Bulk JobsNo ✖️Yes ✔️
Accept Different CurrenciesYes ✔️Yes ✔️
Multiple Currencies at Same TimesNo ✖️No ✖️
Zoom IntegrationYes ✔️No ✖️
Sub-agreementsYes ✔️No ✖️
Payment ProcessingStripe, Square, Paypal, Bank E-chequesHB’s own processor
(3%- Credit Cards & 1.5% – ACH/bank transfer)
Manage Multiple Companies Yes ✔️No ✖️
Automation Worfklows CapabilityExtensive and Versatile Minimal and Basic
Customer SupportAmazing ✔️Amazing ✔️

What’s better about Honeybook?

Honeybook offers a chrome extension to manage emails if you use Gsuite. This is one of the annoying things about both CRM’s integrating with emails. Emails that get sent through Dubsado or Honeybook get attached to the project so it can be hard to keep track of communication outside of the CRM. Additionally Honeybook’s invoicing options are a lot prettier while I’m not sure it’s necessary for getting paid it can be nice to have this. Collaborating is one of the best features and def easier in Honeybook. They have a Workspace Feature that can include multiple clients, other collabs on projects, and forms from everyone basically. So if you’re a planner working on a wedding – a Workspace is a great place to keep track of the moodboard, timeline, decorators, and share the details. They also have an app. At the time of writing Dubsado is in it’s prototyping for their app and is currently being developed.

What’s better about Dubsado?

Dubsado has far more automation capabilities and custom fields. It integrates with Zapier better and it’s constantly updating features. I have my entire onboarding process automated except custom questions that get asked for specific projects. Dubsado also has a client portal that you can customize and white label (meaning you can make it appear like the portal is your websites). You can also add a portal login button on your site. This helps with maintaining your branding throughout your client facing work. Honeybook also has a portal but it doesn’t have any of these functions. The other thing Dubsado offers is public proposals that you can embed or link with your site and it allows people to book and pay for a set package right then and there. It won’t work for you if you rely on custom quote’s. It’s user-friendly but with all the customization and automation capabilities it takes some getting used to and there’s definitely a learning curve. If anything it’s easy to get decision overwhelm with all the options and setup variations and this is the biggest obstacle you’ll likely have. With time it get’s easy and there are workarounds to get things done even easier and fast while you’re still learning the tool. Since using this service, I’ve found the customer support is also AMAZING, they listen to what their customer base wants, consistently adding new features, and optimizing capabilities. They’re quick and easy to get a hold of and deal with issues fast. They’re also very reasonable for what their services provide. I would gladly pay this or more for all the capabilities they offers

What’s a CRM good for?

  1. It’s great for Project based Clients, Results based Clients, 1:1 Coaching or Consulting, Retainer Clients, and Service Providers (graphic/web designers, interior designers, photographers, doula’s, midwives, accountants, etc.)
  2. The scheduler feature is incredible. Put your exact days of availability, create different calendars to go with different services you offer and add questionnaires to qualify the people you’re talking with beforehand
  3. Invoicing can be automated and split up into payments with automated reminders.
  4. Integrates with your e-mail, quickbooks, and zapier
  5. Customized Questionnaires, and Proposals with engaging design
  6. Automatically send Contracts and Subcontracts with built-in signing software
  7. Tag, Group, and Label all Clients for your Project Management
  8. It’s great for automating a good chunk of your services fulfillment.
  9. Once your backend is built easily automate your entire service
  10. A Free Trial of Dubsado with 3 clients and no time limit (Honeybooks free trial is 7 days). The free time limit really helps to get you familiar with the system and allows time to get things set up.

Check out a sample of an automated workflow setup below (also a behind the look scenes of my business 🙂

Dubsado automation snapshot. How to setup your automated processes and workflows. Dubsado vs. Honeyboo Review

What Dubsado doesn’t do: Marketing & Lead Generation

The one thing it doesn’t do well is your lead generation and marketing. It’s got a lead capture form to grab and filter out leads who may be interested but it’s your job to attract them to that form. Dubsado is the perfect solution once you have a lead hooked who’s interested but needs a little more information on what you offer and wants a call or needs a proposal sent. There are lots of other tools you can look into for marketing management, publishing and automation.

Want to know more about my automation setups? Automate Me

For a trial with 3 Free Clients and 30% Discount Click Here. (this is an affiliate link, however their site only offers 20% off 😉

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